Payment Slip Translation Services - Certified and Notarized

We provide certified translations of payment slip, done by professional translators. Here is a sample of some of the payment slip documents that we translate: daily activities, consolidation of balances, form 106, tax returns, paystubs, and any other financial document. Rush services available - 24 hour service or less. We are members of the American Translators Association.

Translation of payment slips

BBT Translations is an American translation service that provides payment slip Translation - Certified and Notarized in any language and for any purpose. Payment slip translation - Hebrew, Spanish. Fast professional translation of payment slips, paychecks, pay-stubs - 24 hour service or less.

Our translations are done word for word and the translation of payment slip that we deliver to you is a mirror image of your original document. We do translations of payment slips to prove financial support when applying for visas, when foreign nationals come to study in the USA and for any other purpose. Translation of payment slip from Hebrew to English and translation of payment slips from Spanish to English.

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Translation with Conversion of Currency upon Request

We specialize in payment slip translation - Certified and Notarized from Hebrew into American English. Our team of financial translators provides translation of payment slip, translation of paystubs, paychecks, form 106, tax returns, real estate forms and any other financial document for any purpose.

Hebrew English Translation of payment slips

Our professional translation service of payment slips is done word for word and formatted the same as your original document to ensure that the reader can understand the content. This type of translation is done by professional experienced translators. We can provide the translation of up to three pages within 24 hours. If you have a large project we can accomodate to deliver the translation of your payment slips according to your deadline.

Short Faq's for ordering a translation

We need to get from you the following:

  • The document that you want to translate. We don't need the original.
  • The correct spelling of the names in English as they appear in a passport.
  • The date when the translations are due.
  • Your telephone number and mailing address.

Our translations bear an Affidavit of Accuracy signed by the translator. We do offer notarization on the affidavit.

We are members of the ATA - American Translators Association. The logo of the ATA is inserted in our letterhead. Your translation will be inserted in our letterhead. Any entity that requires a certified translation in the United States accepts our translations. We guarantee acceptance!

We undertake to keep all the information that we learn within the scope of our work with your documents in the outmost confidentiality. If needed we can sign a confidentiality agreement.

Certified and Notarized Translation of payment slips

If you are in search for a professional translation service that can provide Hebrew English or Spanish English translation of a payment slip - Look no further. We provide accurate, fast and high quality translations of any financial document. More languages available.

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