Translation from Hebrew into Spanish with a Certificate of Accuracy

BBT Translation Services provides professional Certified Hebrew to Spanish Translation with a Certificate of Accuracy. We are members of ATA - American Translators Association. Contact us today to obtain a free quote.

Hebrew Spanish translation with a Certificate of Accuracy

BBT is an American agency that offers translations from Hebrew into Spanish with a Certificate of Accuracy. Each certified translation of personal documentation of foreign nationals includes a certification signed by the translator and a notary attesting the accuracy of the translation and the competency of the translator to translate your document.

Our translations are used for many purposes such as education, employment, immigration, travel and more. If you are interested in applying for a visa, need to register for college or a university, your employer requested a translation of your document with an affidavit of accuracy, we have translators specialized in performing this job for you.

BBT Translation Services can help you by providing professional translation of documents with notarized certificate of accuracy of any documents required for immigration, employment, education and more.

Having extensive experience in dealing with these and other US government agencies we know exactly what type of full and formatted translation is needed.

We can give you a free quote or visit our to get more information.

Requesting a quote is very easy. Just scan or send us an image from your document and send it to us. We will reply to you with a quote within minutes.

 Certified translations from Hebrew into Spanish with an Affidavit of Accuracy

Professional Translation Service

Our translations from Hebrew into Spanish come with an Affidavit of Accuracy. This is a document attached to the translation in which the translator or an official of the translation agency certifies about the accuracy of the translation. This document is signed and stamped with the agency's stamp. If needed we can include a notary signature on the affidavit. Our translations bear a raised seal on the certification. If you need to submit a translation in a sealed envelope please mention so before we mail out the translation to you. We guarantee their full acceptance by these agencies