Professional Hebrew to English Translator located in the United States

We are BBT Translation Services. A translation agency located in the USA. We specialize in translations from Hebrew into English and as such we work only with professional translators who are native in the Hebrew and the English language. We are members of ATA - American Translators Association.

Hebrew English translation - High Quality - Certified and Notarized

When you have to translate any legal document (contract, agreement, declaration, etc.) it is very important to choose a professional translator that has experience and legal knowledge. We work only with professional translators who are natives in the Hebrew and English language. We provide translation service for private individuals, businesses and corporations. Our translations are certified and bear the signature of the Hebrew - English translator on the certification. Notary signature if available upon request. Our Hebrew - English translators translate a great variety of documents in many fields, such as legal translation (contracts and court documents), financial translation (paystubs, tax forms 106), academic records (Matriculation Certificate - Bagrut, grades and transcripts) and many more.

We are members of ATA - American Translators Association and the certification includes the details of the translator and his ATA membership number,

Requesting a quote is very easy. Just scan or fax your document and send it to us. We will return to you with a quote within minutes.

Hebrew English Certified translation with an Affidavit of Accuracy

Professional Translation Service

Our Hebrew English Translations come with an Affidavit of Accuracy. This is a document attached to the translation in which the translator or an official of the translation agency certifies about the accuracy of the translation. This document is signed and stamped with the agency's stamp. If needed we can include a notary signature on the affidavit.