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Translating Spanish

translating spanish,translation of spanish,spanish translator
BBT Translation Services is an American translation service that provides professional translation of bank statements, Spanish to English, Certified and Notarized. We are members of ATA - American Translators Association. Guaranteed acceptance by the USCIS.

BBT Translation Services prides in translating Spanish documents into English in a professional and accurate manner. In the global world of today it is very important to obtain a translation that is clear and understood. In order to get that quality of translation, it is necessary to give the documents to be translated to a group of translators who is experienced in translating Spanish to English in their regular daily routine. Our translators are professionally educated and competent to provide you with a legal translation, immigration translation services, document translation, contract translation, Spanish English medical documents, translation of documents for citizenship, official translation services, certified translation service and more.

Certified and Notarized Spanish Translation

Translation to English

translating spanish,translation of spanish,spanish translator

 Spanish to English Certified Translation

When choosing BBT Translation Services we guarantee Spanish professional translation services provided by Spanish translators experienced in translation of Spanish texts in various subjects, such as a translation of a  Spanish manual of operations into English done by a professional translator.

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Our Advantages

  • 1.Our translations bear a raised seal on the certification

    We, at BBT Translation Services provide high quality professional English Spanish translation, while observing the standards, design, time schedule, and by providing attentive customer service. While choosing us you get the professional translation service you are looking for.

  • 2.Location, location, location!

    We are located in the USA and if you need a translation that can stand up to the USA standards for translation you don't have to look any further. Our team of translators consist of native speakers and culturally sensitive translators who are skilled in translation of medical, legal and financial subjects.