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Professional translation of certificates. If you need to translate your certificate for immigration (USCIS), schools or employment, you can rest assure that ordering from us will be the best choice. We are members of ATA - American Translators Association.

Translation of Certificates | USCIS Certified | Fast Service

We translate certificates for immigration (USCIS) - Foreign nationals who seek to immigrate to the United States and apply for a Green Card or a Visa may be requested to present their personal documents translated. We provide professional certified translation of certificates with an affidavit of accuracy, signed by the translator and if you desire - the certificate of accuracy can be signed by a notary - which provides a higher level of certification. We also translate academic certificates such as diplomas, transcripts, degrees, etc.

We provide fast translation service. If your documents consist of three pages or less - the translation may be completed in 24 hours.

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About BBT Translation Services

We are an online translation agency located in the United States. We are based in Orlando, Florida. We provide online translation service of certificates of any type for immigration, education, employment and more.

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