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We are a translation and transcription agency located in the USA specializing in translations, transcriptions, proofreading, and typing services. We provide accurate, professional and reliable transcriptions in Hebrew

Hebrew transcription, Spanish transcription, English transcription

BBT Translations is an American translation service that provides transcription services of audio files in any language and for any purpose. We do all types of general transcription transcribing tapes into a typed format. We use native speakers workforce to transcribe your materials. The advantages of this over outsourcing are that native speakers transcribers have a natural understanding of cultural references, slang, popular culture, regional accents, and current events.

It is important to verify that the transcription of the Hebrew language is correctly heard and accurately transcribed. By using the services of a native speaker with a wide experience in transcription transcribing the requested material, such as legal documents, conversations, business meetings and so on, you can be sure to get a result that will be accurate, professional and with a very high quality. We specialize in all types of business transcription services delivering consistent, accurate business transcripts on time.

We transcribe interviews, dictation, business meetings, conference calls, focus groups, press briefings, lectures, radio shows, panel discussions, and seminars. We offer transcription services for Hebrew, English, Spanish. We pride ourselves on our accuracy, efficiency, and affordability and we're so convinced that you'll find our transcription service to be the most reliable and affordable anywhere, that we guarantee your satisfaction.

Transcription Services

BBT offers Legal and Office Transcription services to convert recorded audio documents into text format.

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Hebrew Transcription Services

We are located in the USA and if you need a translation of a transcribed file that can stand up to the USA standards for translation you don't have to look any further. Our team of transcribers consists of native speakers and culturally sensitive professional translators who are skilled in transcribing your audio files.

Short Faq's for ordering a translation

We need to get from you the following:

  • The document that you want to translate. We don't need the original.
  • The correct spelling of the names in English as they appear in a passport.
  • The date when the translations are due.
  • Your telephone number and mailing address.

Our translations bear an Affidavit of Accuracy signed by the translator. We do offer notarization on the affidavit.

We are members of the ATA - American Translators Association. The logo of the ATA is inserted in our letterhead. Your translation will be inserted in our letterhead. Any entity that requires a certified translation in the United States accepts our translations. We guarantee acceptance!

We undertake to keep all the information that we learn within the scope of our work with your documents in the outmost confidentiality. If needed we can sign a confidentiality agreement.