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Translation of Degree - We offer professional degree translation for colleges, universities, licensing boards and more. Have your degree translated by a professional translator! Members of ATA - American Translators Association.

Official Translation of Degrees into English

We offer professional degree translation for colleges, universities, licensing boards and more. In order to determine your level of education you will sometimes need to provide a translation of your degree, diploma, transcript or grades.

Our translators here at BBT are qualified to provide for you a certified translation of your documents. We can accurately translate your degree from any language into English for any purpose. Our translations are accepted in Universities, Colleges, employment establishments, immigration and more. Our native translators are waiting to provide you their translating services.

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What do you get when you order a translation of a degree from us:

When you order from us a certified translation of your degree your translation will include the following package: 1- An accurate, mirror image of your degree in the target language. 2-The document that you sent to us stamped by our office stamp. 3-An affidavit signed by the translator attesting about the accuracy of the translation.

Translation of any degree certificate

Certified Translation

Our translations of your degree certificate are certified and include a stamp and a signature. The translation is done word for word and is a mirror image of your completion certificate. [+]

Affidavit of Accuracy

When the translation of your degree is finished we attach to it an Affidavit of Accuracy attesting to the accuracy of the translation. [+]

Members of ATA

We are members of ATA - American Translators Association and the logo of ATA is included in our letterhead. We are included in the list of registered translators.

We guarantee acceptance

Our official translations of Degree Certificates are done according to the standards required in the USA for a certified translation and we guarantee their acceptance.

Ordering Process

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