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BBT Translation Services can help you by providing accurate, certified and notarized translations of any documents required for immigration, employment, education and for any other entity that requires a translation of your documents.  We have professional translators who can provide language translation services of any official document. When you need an official document translated don't take less than the best. Our professional translators will do the job for you accurately, diligently and with a fast turnaround. 

BBT provides translations of official documents for immigration, universities, colleges, employment, etc.

Here at BBT Translation Services you can obtain a certified translation for immigration, employment, education and for any other purpose, which requires a certified translation and we guarantee that these certified English to Hebrew translations will be accepted.

Our certified translations carry a raised seal and a declaration of the translator attesting the accuracy of the translation. This declaration is called: Affidavit of Accuracy. We provide certified translations for many government offices such as the USA Immigration (USICS), universities, colleges, place of employment and more.

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